June is a month of celebration and reflection for the LGBTQ+ community. As we honor those who have fought for our rights and the progress we have made, we must also recognize the impact we have as travelers on gaining acceptance for our community. As we explore new places and cultures, we have the opportunity to broaden people’s perspectives and promote understanding and acceptance.

Inclusive wanderlust: LGBTQ+ travelers spreading happiness during Pride

At Source Journeys, we have been proud to have created a community of LGBTQ+ travelers who seek out extraordinary experiences around the world. Our presence as travelers can have a positive impact on the communities we visit. By engaging with local people, sharing our stories, and promoting LGBTQ+ visibility, we can help to break down barriers and promote acceptance. Furthermore, as travelers, we have the opportunity to support businesses that are LGBTQ+ friendly and promote equality and inclusivity.

Colorful joy: LGBTQ+ travelers embracing Pride Month with radiant smilesAs we celebrate Pride this month, let us also remember there is still a long way to go. Our LGBT community is still facing discrimination and marginalization around the world, and our Transgender community here at home is under attack. We must continue to fight for our rights. Let’s use this month as an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues facing our community and to stand in solidarity with one another.

Pride means standing up for what we believe in and demanding that we are treated with the respect and dignity we deserve, both at home and abroad.

Happy Pride Month!
Craig, Rafi, and the Source Journeys Team

LGBTQ+ travelers celebrating Pride Month, their smiles as bright as rainbows

Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Craig Smith founded Source Journeys with the dream of creating extraordinary travel experiences for the mind, body & spirit with and for like-minded friends. For over 20 years, Source Journeys has become a recognized leader in luxury gay travel, producing all-gay cruises and adventures around the world. More so, Craig has created a family of travelers and adventurers who eagerly follow his lead to discover.